Jordan's Rants
6/13/13: Sideline Tantrums
Here's a quick list of some sideline tantrums throughout history that made the news. Of course, none of these were 1% as publicized as Terrell Owens's alleged "tantrums," but these were vivid enough to at least deserve mention in the press. Obviously, there are countless others throughout the course of history that were never picked up on camera, since they transpire on virtually every sideline, every week. [More...]
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Posted on Jun 13 2013 by Jordan Taber
6/10/13: Ryan Michael: Exposing Pro Football Talk's Inaccurate Reporting of Terrell Owens Throughout the Years
After spending years fabricating headlines, personifying sensationalism and using another man's name to butter their bread, a recent cry of journalistic accuracy has created a need to set the record straight. [More...]
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Posted on Jun 10 2013 by Jordan Taber
6/8/13: What Could Have Been?
Here's another one you hear all the time:

"Terrell Owens could have been one of the greatest ever, but he blew it with his big mouth. If only..."

If only what?
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Posted on Jun 08 2013 by Jordan Taber
4/1/13: Ryan Michael: Terrell Owens a 'Great Teammate': Players and Coaches Defend T.O.'s Character
When it comes to Terrell Owens, the common mis-perception has been that he's a bad teammate.

The aforementioned—unsubstantiated, force-fed rhetoric that the media has crafted, packaged and shipped to the minds of millions of unsuspecting fans the world over.

Negativity sells as the reality of Owens' positive character continues to get swept under the rug. Need more - check this - wellhello

The quotes that never got the air-time: [MORE...]
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Posted on Apr 01 2013 by Jordan Taber

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