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Chapter 10: "Terrell Owens is selfish. He is a 'me-first' player."

The implication, here, is that players should always put the "team" first.

I'm not going to debate that players should make winning the game the priority, but let's put this in perspective for a change.

Who in their right mind starts playing football because they want to help a team win? What kid goes out there and plays football because he wants to help some teams in the future? Teams he doesn't even know he's going to play for yet...he hasn't gone to college or signed with an NFL franchise.

It's absolute nonsense. People start playing football because they enjoy it. You hear that? They enjoy it. They themselves enjoy playing football .

They don't start playing the game for philanthropic reasons. This isn't the military, no matter how much "football people" try to make it into that.

"I just want to SACRIFICE for somebody!"

Now, let's take a look at how the NFL works:

Player enters draft. Why? Because he wants to play football...and because he wants to, get this:

Earn a living.

Yes, these guys make millions...doesn't change the fact that this is what they are doing for a living.

So it would seem to me that priority #1 is, TA DA!!! Themselves and their families.

If that weren't enough...the team they sign with can get rid of them at any time. Their contracts are not guaranteed, though they are guaranteed their signing bonuses (which are paid up front).

Hardly any players in the NFL will spend their entire career with one organization.

Yet despite all of this, players are supposed to completely put aside their own interests for the good of the team? They're supposed to have this undying loyalty to their organization? Really?

Why don't we poll a bunch of McDonald's employees and see how many of them care more about the success of their franchise than themselves.

Still don't believe that all players put their own contracts/personal needs ahead of their team's needs?

OK...quick, name me all the players in professional sports who have voluntarily taken a pay cut just so their organization can better afford to sign quality free agents to improve their chances of winning a championship...

...Do you get it now?

So this idea of Mother Theresa-like selflessness that is for whatever reason expected out of Terrell Owens is utter nonsense, but when does acting in one's own self interests cross the line into selfishness?

I think Jerry Rice has the answer....

"Maybe I've been spoiled over the years, but this is not 49ers football,'' Rice said after the game. "Or maybe the Man's giving me a sign."

"If you ask me if I'm having a good time, no," Rice said. "Is this something that might want to make you retire? Hell, yes. All I know is I'm not having a good time. Maybe it's time for me to move on."

-Jerry Rice, after the 49ers beat the Saints 31-20 in 1998 to move to 8-3.

Both Of the Above Quotes From:

( bettis)

"I ain't no motherfucking decoy!"

-Jerry Rice on the sidelines, after teammate Tom Rathman scored touchdown vs. Falcons in 1992 to put 49ers up 27-3.


-Jerry Rice to a pylon, throwing a tantrum after his "consecutive games with at least one catch" streak came to an end. His team, the Raiders, won 13-10.

To me, saying "this isn't 49ers football" when your team wins and you're not satisfied with the number of balls thrown your way is the epitome of selfishness. But hardly anyone would DARE attack Jerry Rice that way. Throughout Rice's career, they gave him a tongue-bath...that tongue-bathing continues to this day by both the media and fans. Only an occasional local print article ever dared depict Rice in a less-than-flattering manner.

Meanwhile, if Terrell Owens is asked a question after a LOSS about whether or not he'd like more balls thrown his way and he says he wants to be more involved, he's deemed "selfish."

The reality is, Owens has done everything he can reasonably be expected to do to "put the team first." Asking for a contract renegotiation, wanting the football, and actually thinking about himself and how HE fits into everything does NOT make him a "me first" player any more than it does any other player in the NFL. Those who criticize Owens for being selfish are hypocrites. We ALL put our own interests first...but of course, this is the precursor to a philosophical discussion, so I'll stop here.

"He says 'I' and 'me' all the time instead of 'us' and 'we'!"

What a load of crap. Owens uses the words "I" and "me" when he is, get this: ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT HIMSELF. That's right, idiots; when a reporter asks him a question that pertains to him, it's kind of expected that he's going to talk about himself and use the words "I" and "me"...unless you want him to refer to himself in the third person, which is the epitome of arrogance.

This is one of my favorite examples of people being laughably idiotic when it comes to Terrell Owens. ESPN's John Clayton actually said on national TV that he counted how many times Owens used the words "I" and "me" in his "lawn apology" back in 2005. Well, gee...he was apologizing, talking about how HE was sorry...why in the world would he not be saying "you," "us," and "we?"

I can't believe I even have to make this website in the first place. The whole thing is surreal...these people are actually serious.

More fun with Jerry Rice:

If it were only the print media ripping Owens, his alleged "transgressions" would be quickly forgotten once he retired.
by Jordan Taber
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