Education is a lifelong journey essay

Education is a lifelong journey, not forced upon but given that should not be taken for granted. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is a timeless novel in which a young school girl Scout, learns about the trials and tribulations of life in her small southern town of Maycomb. While furthering her education and facing perspective-altering challenges. First of all, the novel displays how caregiver’s guidance and beliefs impact one’s education. In addition, Lee demonstrates how a peer’s influence can affect someone’s mindset on schooling. Moreover, the impact of a person’s learning is dependent on their experience in their home life. Overall, the novel To Kill a Mockingbird demonstrates how an individual will have a successful education if they have impactful experiences and constructive influences that guide them through their learning.
Firstly, a person's education is directly impacted by their caregiver’s mindset and support. When Scout enters school she is already able to write because Calpurnia had been making her. Scout’s teacher is upset she could write and felt she is too smart for her age, Scout explains “Calpurnia was to blame for this. It kept me from driving her crazy on rainy days, I guess. She would set me a writing task by scrawling the alphabet firmly across the top of the tablet, then copying a chapter of the bible underneath. If I reproduced her penmanship satisfactorily then she rewarded me”(24). Calpurnia's actions result in Scout having the ability to write before going to school. Her skill advances her education demonstrating how a caregiver’s support and influence impacts one's life. Through Calpurnia's guidance, Scout will have a more impactful education her experiences and influences help make her more successful. Moreover, Calpurnia describes her education while at church it gives Scout a better view on how hard people work to become educated and how lucky she is. Calpurnia explains how she self-taught herself and her son. She also explains how most of the people at her church are uneducated and can not read(165-166). Calpurnia's guidance allows Scout to see how important a good education is and influences her to learn more. Cal’s caregiver mindset pushes to teach Scout a lesson showing her she is lucky and making Scout feel grateful. This experience at Calpurnia's church later impacts Scout to have a more successful education, as well it taught Scout to be grateful, helping her be positive and driven at school. Overall, Calpurnia's influence to get Scout to write and her willingness to explain her own education proves a caregiver directly impacts someone's education.
Secondly, a peer’s influence on education will impact how successful a person’s learning experience is. When Jem is talking to Scout about his personal experience at school and how school will improve once a person gets older. Scout explains his advice stating, “Second grade was grim but Jem assured that the older I got the better school would be, that he started off the same way and it was not until sixth grade that one learned anything of value. The sixth grade seemed to please him from the beginning”(79). Jem uses his positive experience to show Scout how school is not bad and to change her outlook. His relationship with her allows Scout to feel better with what she is experiencing, therefore, allowing her to have a better schooling experience. Since Jem is influencing and offering insight to Scout she has a better educational mindset and is more successful. Furthermore, when Jem is considering what he wants to pursue to further his knowledge it shows Scout how education is important. Jem is considering what he wants to be and is leaning towards a lawyer. Due to the fact he is considering what to be, he is interested in law and court cases (66). Since Scout looks up to her older brother, thinking about furthering his own education may persuade her to do the same. Due to Jem’s influence, Scout now focuses on her learning and that will allow her to expand her knowledge while being positive. Jem allows Scout to change her view on education in order to be successful. Clearly, the influence Jem has on Scout’s education through pursuing his own and offering insight demonstrates how a peer greatly influences one’s educational growth.
Lastly, a person’s experience at home greatly impacts how beneficial their education is. At home, Atticus and Scout enjoy reading often together. When Scout comes home from school distraught because her teacher Ms. Caroline does not like that she can read and wants her dad to stop teaching her, Atticus’ response is “ ‘If you concede the necessity of going to school, we’ll go on reading every night just as we have. Is it a bargain?’ Atticus said. ‘Yes sir’ said Scout” (41). Atticus driven response shows Scout how important he believes education is. In turn, this makes her want to live up to his expectations and try hard in school. Aswell his understanding that reading is important helps Scout learn and allows her to continue educational activities that she is passionate about. This experience allows Scout to reflect and change her schooling perspective perhaps resulting in improved learning. Additionally, Scout experiences many events in her daily home life including, Atticus being a Lawyer. Since Atticus is a lawyer he understands the importance of schooling and he is even willing to pay for his brother’s education (5). Atticus paying for his brother’s education has a lasting impact on Scout since she wants to make her father proud and she understands how important an education is to him, she tries to do well in school. Growing up with an educational home life influences Scout to see the benefits of learning. In essence, Lee's novel provides insight into how one’s education is affected by their experience at home. This is shown through Atticus providing an educational driven home for Scout, and demonstrating why learning is important by paying for his brother’s education.
In conclusion, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird demonstrates how students will have a successful education if they have positive learning experiences and constructive influences. Throughout the novel, Scout's educational prominent mindset is brought on by Calpurnia, a caregiver that helps influence her to learn. In addition, Scout is also influenced by her brother or peer Jem, since he enjoys school, Scout looking up to her brother often follows his values. Moreover, Scout’s education is often impacted by her experience at home, her home life revolves around education. As demonstrated in the novel, education is the most unknown powerful
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