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8/19/12: Lock Up Your Women and Children, Black Death Has Arrived
Forget the performance aspect of Owens's preseason debut. Yeah, he dropped a touchdown pass (the unstated reality here is that dropping a touchdown pass in the manner Owens did hinges on him having beaten his man to begin with). Yes, he and Matt Flynn were clearly not on the same page on other throws. Many have noted this. But many genius Seahawks fans have noted something else far more concerning. Owens had bad body language, yo!
Posted on Aug 19 2012 by Jordan Taber
8/7/12: Ryan Michael: Defending Terrell Owens from Christian Fauria's Shockingly Bad Analysis
Despite the fact that Terrell Owens wowed Seahawks' head coach Pete Carroll so much that he was offered a contract just hours after touching down in Seattle, members of the "Bash T.O. Bandwagon" have already come out of the woodwork using assumptions, unsubstantiated accusations and generalizations as the heart of their argument against the NFL's second all-time leading receiver. More [...]
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Posted on Aug 07 2012 by Jordan Taber
7/15/12: Disturbed Writers Are Disturbed
Recently, I was involved in a war of words on twitter with a "writer" by the name of "Tim Graham" (I know, "who?"). If you could even call it that. It was more like a one-sided exchange that resulted in Graham blowing a fuse, demonstrating exactly why unstable people should not be allowed to write professionally for "legitimate" news sources. [...]
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Posted on Jul 14 2012 by Jordan Taber
6/3/12: Ryan Michael: Defending Terrell Owens from Accusations of Being "Bored" with the NFL
It's astonishing what little proof is ever required for members of the media to bash the daylights out of Terrell Owens as both a football player and as a person.

A recent article might very well take the cake this time.

In response to Owens' recent release from the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League, Fantasy Analyst Jason Smith took to the internet to illustrate what he feels "went wrong with T.O. this time."

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Posted on Jun 03 2012 by Jordan Taber

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