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5/12/12: Ryan Michael: Terrell Owens to Oakland Raiders: Jerry Rice and I Defend T.O.'s Potential
The following article is written by Ryan Michael, a Bleacher Report writer who is now a contributor to

(Taken from:

Whenever anything positive is said about Terrell Owens, it doesn't take long for members of the media to speak out against rationality. writer, Bill Williamson, can now add his name to that lengthy list.

Former teammate of Owens, Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice, recently suggested that T.O. would be a good fit with the Oakland Raiders. ("Read More" to continue)
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Posted on May 12 2012 by Jordan Taber
5/9/12: Owens On Dr. Phil Analysis
"He took me to court, and he wasted child support money, his money, on lawyers."

This is a real quote from "Monique," one of the mothers of Terrell Owens's kids, from her appearance on Dr. Phil yesterday. The subtext of this statement?

"How dare you spend my money on lawyers to get the amount of money you're paying me lowered."

You see, according to her, Owens has no right to spend his own money. While she acknowledged she has received over $1 million from Owens already, Owens is apparently in the wrong for opting to use his money on attorneys to try to lower the outrageous child support payments he's required to make. Instead, she and the others insist, he should have come to them and just asked. Read more...
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Posted on May 09 2012 by Jordan Taber
2/23/12: The Forgotten Catalyst
Media members are very good at what they do. They made you forget all about this and what they said about this.

Posted on Feb 23 2012 by Jordan Taber
2/13/12: Response to Clark Judge's article
CBS's Clark Judge recently wrote an article excoriating Terrell Owens. I say "excoriating" because it's a word Judge chooses in a transparent attempt to differentiate a generic, cliche anti-Owens article from the rest of the pack. It didn't work, and now it's my turn to respond to this drivel. More...
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Posted on Feb 13 2012 by Jordan Taber

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