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1/26/11: Carson Palmer Wants Out?
I don't know whether this is true or not (this is based on 21st century sports media reporting, after all), but Carson Palmer reportedly has asked the Bengals for a trade. And...Mike Brown refuses to trade him.

What a great organization.
Posted on Jan 25 2011 by Jordan Taber
1/7/10: 21st Century Sports Media Is a Riot
"Oh yeah surrrre Jordan, the media just made it all up, right?"

Jim Harbaugh is going to Michigan. No, wait, he's going to the 49ers. It's a done deal. No, wait, the Dolphins owner is flying out to offer him $7-$8 million. It's over. Tony Sparano is about to be fired. No, wait, they've decided to retain Sparano. No chance Harbaugh goes to the Dolphins. He's now meeting with Stanford officials, and is most likely return to Stanford. The Broncos are also in the hunt, and the 49ers remain viable, but unlikely. No, wait...well, now he's gonna sleep on it.

How could I have dared to question and criticize these unbiased, professional, "information-gatherers?"

Posted on Jan 06 2011 by Jordan Taber
1/4/10: ESPN Blames Owens For Bengals' Failures
Surprise, surprise, right?

This article is the perfect example of what "impartial" news sources can get away with. Take a look at [...]
Posted on Jan 04 2011 by Jordan Taber
1/3/11: Bengals Come Back Down to Earth
But but but...I thought it was T.O.'s fault! And Chad's!

The Bengals scored a whopping 7 points against the Ravens on Sunday, complete with 2 interceptions and a lost fumble for Carson Palmer as the Bengals lost again.

So much for that, huh?
Posted on Jan 03 2011 by Jordan Taber

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