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12/28/10: Another Ridiculous Statement
"The Bengals are better without Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco. When they were on the field, they had to force the ball to them to keep them happy. Carson Palmer felt he had to force them ball to keep them from blowing up and ruining the team!"

The stupidity and absurdity of this statement (and everything of a similar nature) are readily evident to anyone who doesn't have his head buried in the sand.

Explain something [...]
Posted on Dec 28 2010 by Jordan Taber
12/27/10: Flashback, 2001
Before Ed Werder's anonymous source story about Owens thinking Romo was throwing to Witten too much. Before Donovan McNabb and the entire Eagles fallout. Before the Playboy interview where Owens was asked about Jeff Garcia's sexual preference. Before all the offensive coordinators associated with Owens supposedly "criticizing their play calling" came up.

This is an article written in 2001 , following week 2 of the NFL season, from someone who, like me, saw the disturbing portrayal of Terrell Owens in the media. What had he done to that point in his NFL career?

He'd celebrated on "The Star" twice. Oh yeah, and he publicly feuded with Mariucci over the suspension he received for said incident [...]
Posted on Dec 27 2010 by Jordan Taber
12/22/10: Vital Information For Your Everyday Life, by Mike Florio
Not an Owens story this time, but something that pertains to Chapter 1 in the "Defense" section of this website.

My favorite website, ProFootballTalk, is reporting Chad Ochocinco and Marvin Lewis are sparring. According to Lewis, Chad is "being mopey," while Chad is claiming, "it's called 'being injured'" (paraphrasing his tweet).

To this, Florio adds, "Chad, the coach is right. You are mopey. When things are going well, you’re all smiles and lollipops. When things go poorly, you mope. You sulk. You pout."


When things are "going good," he's happy. When things are "going bad," he's upset. STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES.

By the way, Mike: "mope," "sulk," and "pout" all mean the same thing. It's called "redundant."
Posted on Dec 22 2010 by Jordan Taber
12/21/10: Marvin Lewis Laughs At ProFootballTalk
Click Here to Watch

"ProFoootballTalk? Enough said."

Poor Mike Florio.
Posted on Dec 21 2010 by Jordan Taber

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