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12/21/10: Cedric Benson Whining His Ass Off
Of course, it's OK when Cedric Benson does it. Some quotes with Benson whining his ass off surfaced in the article on Owens's [...]
Posted on Dec 21 2010 by Jordan Taber
12/20/10: ProFootballTalk and their "sources" at it again
"Per a league source, the Bengals debated the possibility of choosing to put T.O. on ice each of the last three games of the season. Though a team can’t send a player home with pay, it is impossible as a practical matter for the NFLPA to challenge a coaching decision to make a given player one of the eight per game who don’t dress on Sunday.

The move would not have been based on Owens’ controversial comments from the latest edition of The T.Ocho Show, but based on his attitude and performance in practice and games."

Two comments: [...]
Posted on Dec 19 2010 by Jordan Taber
12/19/10: Bengals Clear Owens to Play...Torn Meniscus
Who was the genius who cleared him to play when he'd been struggling with the sore knee all week?

Expect another off-season of teams once again falling into the trap of doubting Owens because of his age, coupled with other factors. Of course, the NFL lockout may make all of this irrelevant, anyway.
Posted on Dec 19 2010 by Jordan Taber
12/16/10: "Owens Blames Everyone But Himself!"
Now that the link to this website has been posted on several different forums, I have encountered a couple of posts that include remarks that touch on something I failed to address in the "Defense" section.

" fire2last ," on the football forum at wrote [...]
Posted on Dec 16 2010 by Jordan Taber

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