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4/1/13: Ryan Michael: Terrell Owens a 'Great Teammate': Players and Coaches Defend T.O.'s Character
When it comes to Terrell Owens, the common mis-perception has been that he's a bad teammate.

The aforementioned—unsubstantiated, force-fed rhetoric that the media has crafted, packaged and shipped to the minds of millions of unsuspecting fans the world over.

Negativity sells as the reality of Owens' positive character continues to get swept under the rug.

The quotes that never got the air-time: [MORE...]
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Posted on Apr 01 2013 by Jordan Taber
2/1/13: Ryan Michael's Exclusive Interview with Terrell Owens (Super Bowl XLVII Weekend) contributor and Bleacher Report writer Ryan Michael recently procured an exclusive interview with Terrell Owens:

With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, I caught up with Terrell Owens to get his thoughts regarding the upcoming Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XV event being hosted in New Orleans this Saturday, February 2nd.

The 15th anniversary of this event is being held to help raise awareness for charities contributing to the support of abused, abandoned, neglected and homeless children. Terrell has been using his celebrity to help raise awareness and encourage support.

Here are some of his thoughts on the subject... [More...]
Posted on Feb 01 2013 by Jordan Taber
1/31/13: Owens the "Distraction"
Ryan Michael's recent article reminds me of something interesting I had yet to address on the website. [More...]
Posted on Jan 31 2013 by Jordan Taber
1/31/13: Ryan Michael: Debunking the Myth of Terrell Owens Disrupting Team Chemistry
For a player continuously accused of "disrupting team chemistry," Terrell Owens was awfully productive on the football field.

No matter how much his pundits have attempted to minimize the significance of his production by labeling his contributions as mere "numbers" and "stats", there can be no denying that Owens has already secured his place amongst the greatest to have ever played the game. [More...]
Posted on Jan 31 2013 by Jordan Taber

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