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12/6/10: Bengals Lose 9th Straight, Owens Post-Game Press Conference
The Bengals found a way to lose for the ninth week in a row and the media's favorite whipping boy faced prodding reporters for yet another week. This time, Owens was visibly upset. You can probably imagine; he had been sick all week, he was feeling sick before the game, he was noticeably not feeling well after the game, the Bengals dropped to 2-10, he was ignored in the 4th quarter progressions despite being able to run away from the Saints' corners at will, and he's been seeing fewer opportunities for the last few weeks now[...]
Posted on Dec 06 2010 by Jordan Taber
Welcome to the new TerrellOwensDefense.Org
Terrell Owens Defense has now been re-designed and will now contain the daily thoughts on Owens by yours truly, Jordan Taber.
Posted on Dec 05 2010 by Jordan Taber

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