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9/15/11: As We Wait For His Return
Through November of 2006, Terrell Owens had done 23 really, really, really baaaaad things. Like, seriously, this is some bad stuff.

If you can't come up with a single significant thing to justify your portrayal, your next option is "listing." Quantity over quality. Because someday, if you keep adding up all of these petty, insignificant, and at times, even fictional "nuisances," you can convince the public the guy's as bad or worse than a murderer.

And all of this...why? Oh, because he did that celebration that was the equivalent to a crime against humanity against the Cowboys in 2000.

I forgot, though. I'm just making all that up. It's really all the 2003-and-beyond stuff that's responsible for the "T.O. Image." The reaction from those touchdown celebrations? Ehhhhhh....nothi--....oh wait, what's this?,1329,2835598_59,00.html,1329,2830332_59,00.html,1329,2830835_59,00.html

The funniest line in all of that was Jerry Rice talking about how he'd never seen anything like it before ("Oh my God, we're going to start a riot here! I've never seen anything like that!").


Jerry Rice is the same man who started a pre-game brawl against that very same organization, the Dallas Cowboys, prior to the 1993 (January of 1994) NFC Championship game in the middle of the field. I guess he has a short memory.

But then, that makes him just like everyone else.

"Touchdown celebrations? ~yawn~ He called Garcia gay and threw Donovan under the bus and then Romo and stuff. That's why everyone hates him, dood."
Posted on Sep 15 2011 by Jordan Taber
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